3 Easy Steps to Thrive at The Bridge

Step #1: 3rd Wednesday Dinner

The night will consist of a dinner with other people who are new to The Bridge, in a key leader or staff member’s home, sharing food as well as what God is doing in our lives. This is more than just about making friends, this is about being known, learning to share our journeys with others, and being encouraged to love and follow Jesus more and more in a community.

  • Sign Up for the Next One
    (They happen each month!)
  • Commit to Show Up
  • Enjoy the Evening
Join us for dinner

Step #2: Launch Groups

A Launch Group is an 8-week small group experience. It’s a time to gather with other people from The Bridge, open up God’s Word together and have spiritual conversations about our faith journeys. These are mixed groups — marrieds, singles, young adults, elders, etc. — not “affinity-based”. All you have to do is:

  • Sign Up
  • Commit to the 8 Weeks
  • Be Vulnerable
    (This doesn’t mean we’ll ask you what your deepest, darkest struggle is… but it does mean that we want to get to know the real you)
Sign Up for a Group

Step #3: Volunteer

You have gifts and abilities that God wants to use to impact the world —  and a great way to be equipped in those gifts is to bless our church family. Therefore, part of belonging is exploring your gifts, and using them in the context of our church. So to begin:

  • Identify your gifts, passions, and desires.
    No commitments here – just exploring what your natural interests, passions, and talents are.
  • Explore the opportunities at The Bridge.
    Here we try and match your passions with ministry impact at The Bridge.
  • Pick your fit.
    Choose your ministry and begin to serve in your area of passion!
Start Exploring