We are always looking for people who love Jesus and have a desire to show that love to teenagers. Serving in High School Ministry is fun, meaningful, impactful, and life changing, for you and the students.

Our ministry is not based on events, but rather the relationships formed through the events. It takes people to reach people. Hopefully, after reading this page you will think to yourself, “Hey, I can do that!”

All of our programs, events, and meetings are designed with one principle in mind: Student Ministry is relational. That means that at the core of every student’s ministry experience is a relationship with someone who can mentor, teach and disciple them to grow into a mature believer. Jesus modeled this through a discipling relationship with 12 men who soaked up his ministry along the journey. His plan to save the world was not rooted in teaching from a big stage or by showing people never-before-seen things. Yes, he did those things. But his plan to offer salvation rested in the relationships he built along the way.