Our calling is to see all who are searching for purpose and meaning in their life to find wholeness in a real relationship with Jesus.

Our mission is to invite the striving into something really real.


Our Values are the shared convictions that guide the actions and decisions we make as a church family. These values represent the conscious and collective soul of our church because they express our most deeply held ideals. Since 2011 these four values have become foundational to everything we do. They are not what we do, but they shape everything we do.

Truth is a person – Jesus is the one, absolute, and unfailing truth that we can center our lives on. We profess that Jesus is Lord, and our whole lives are His. We ground ourselves in Scripture as we listen to and obey the voice of God through the Holy Spirit, bringing glory to Jesus in all that we do.

When we encounter Truth, we change. Through Jesus, we have been made “new creations” – fully alive – with our worth and purpose anchored in our identity in Christ.  When we open our lives completely to the work of the Spirit, He will transform us into who we are – sons and daughters of God.

God uses transformed people to transform people. So when we gather in community we don’t hide our brokenness, weakness, or fears from one another, but instead are open and honest about our journey and need for Jesus. In this environment, God’s grace can be experienced, forgiveness can be practiced, and love will grow for one another to the glory of God.

A community centered on Jesus transforms the world. Our focus isn’t on ourselves, but to love and serve others. We are called to be a blessing to our city and our world, so we reach out beyond the walls of our building to serve the needs of our neighbors – being Kingdom ambassadors to everyone we encounter.


There are three key areas that demonstrate how we will accomplish our mission as a church – Big Group, Small Group, and No Group. These are the rhythms of our church life that serve as a catalyst for our growth as followers of Jesus. We believe that programs don’t attract people, transformed lives do. So everything we do as a church, we do with an UP & OUT perspective.

UP: Love for God

OUT: Love for others

We view Sunday as a day to celebrate who God is and what He’s doing among us. We value ALL of us together as we remember and retell the Good Story of Jesus through communion, Scripture, and worship. We make Sunday gatherings a priority in our lives, for in this rhythm, we grow together as a church body to become people on mission for Jesus in our neighborhoods and city.

We create space in our lives to be connected to one another in community. In these smaller groups we invest in each other and practice the way of Jesus. Our groups take multiple forms (Impact Groups, Mens, Womens, Specialty, Etc.), but all of them have the same purpose: To encourage one another to grow deeper in our relationship with Jesus and also to be His physical hands-and-feet as we serve and care for the needs of the community around us.

We intentionally set aside time in our daily lives to center ourselves on Jesus. It is in the presence of God that we grow in our knowledge of Him and are formed into becoming more like Jesus. When we learn to hear and follow God’s voice through prayer, and immersing ourselves in Scripture, we are inspired to share the love of Jesus with others each and every day.


We celebrate together when we see Jesus-centered decisions arise within individuals who have chosen to follow Him with their whole lives. These attributes define and reflect the accomplishment of our shared mission and vision as a church. They are our portraits of what discipleship looks like and a definition of spiritual maturity.

The presence of God has become our aim in all things. We rest in the already finished work of the Gospel, walk in obedience to His Word, and stand in the victory we have in Jesus.

The Spirit continues to form our lives to look more and more like Jesus. We don’t pretend or hide, but instead open ourselves up completely to the wholeness that Jesus will bring in our lives when we recognize our need for Him.

The journey of following Jesus is not meant to be traveled alone. We look ahead to others as they model discipleship, walk alongside our friends as we pursue Jesus, and mentor those who are newer  in their faith journey.

The motivation behind all of our our actions has become self-sacrificial love. We mindfully serve those around us with joy. We use our unique gifts that God has given us to serve others.

The passion of our hearts is to see others encounter Jesus. We rely on the Spirit’s leading in forming genuine friendships with those who don’t know of God’s love for them as we live and speak the Good News of Jesus.

Confession of Faith