Safari Land provides these snacks (Puff, Goldfish, Cheerios). Please notify us if your child has an allergy to any of these. If you need to leave an Epi-pen for your child then we have a form to fill out at the check-in desk. Give the form and the Epi-pen to the volunteer in their classroom so they are aware and can keep this with them the entire time.

We ask that families with a child with any of the following symptoms wait 24 hours before coming to Kids at the Bridge: fever, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, or other contagious illnesses.


We are dedicated to providing a safe, secure and loving environment for your children. All volunteers and leaders are screened through our application process and all adults are Live Scanned before serving.
Also, when picking up your child, volunteers will verify they are released to their parents or an authorized adult.