Student Leadership is for students who want to grow their relationship with God through serving. This commitment requires regular attendance in an Impact Group and Axis Wednesday Nights, as well as serving on an Axis team. Student Leadership is a place to grow, learn and have fun together.


  • Regular Axis attendance, regular Impact Group attendance, regular church service attendance, and turn in notes from the sermon.
  • Serve Wednesday nights in Axis OR regularly serve in an area of the church approved by Marshall.
  • Attend Student Leadership meetings.

While we require involvement, we do not require perfection. If you are looking at the list above and having a hard time believing you can fulfill the requirements, that’s ok. Student Leadership is not a program for everyone. Student Leadership is more than just fulfilling requirements. During your time as a student leader, you will be challenged to grow in your relationship with God, and grow closer as a team, all while having lots of fun. Please contact if you have any questions about the requirements of Student Leadership.

You will be assigned to various teams on a regular basis. When you are scheduled to serve on a Wednesday night, you are expected to come willing and ready to serve your peers. When scheduled, we hope that you mindset will shift from “I’m going to have fun at Axis tonight!” to “I am ready to serve others tonight!”

Student Leadership applications are open twice each year, August and January.