As a participant of the Axis XP Team, each student commits to:
· Attending Axis regularly
· Being faithful in memorizing assigned verses
(Psalm 119:11 I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.)
· Be prepared to recite on both the assigned day and the review
· Not falling more than 2 weeks behind assigned schedule

Students meet Sunday evenings at 6:15 in room 106 in the Kids at the Bridge Building to recite memory verses and turn in sermon notes.

The program runs August – December
Rewards consist of monthly rewards as well as a special event in January.


For each teaching series, Bible verses will be provided that go along with what you are learning on Sunday Nights and in your Impact Groups. On Sunday Nights before Axis, you will have the opportunity to recite your verse to a XP leader. You may recite one verse per week or all at once, but you must complete all verses on or before the last Sunday of the teaching series.

No sign up required. The moment you say your first memory verse, you are added to our list of XP students.

Sundays at 6:15 pm. Each Sunday, XP leaders will be available for you to recite your verses 30 minutes before Axis begins. In the room adjacent to Discovery Field

We hope that the simple knowledge of having God’s Word hidden in your heart is enough motivation to be a part of XP. However, we decided to sweeten the deal even more!

If you memorize all of the XP verses required, you will be joining us for the “XP Winter Retreat”! In January, we’ll go up to Hume Lake and spend the weekend in Gary & Claudia Moore’s private cabin. The Winter Retreat is one of my favorite trips of the year! You will not want to miss it!