3rd Wednesday will be a night of dinner with other people from The Bridge, sharing food as well as what God is doing in our lives. This is more than just about making friends, this is learning to share our journeys with others and being encouraged to love God more in a community.

This night is for everyone – those who are new to The Bridge, those who have been coming for a little bit but haven’t taken next-steps to be involved, as well as those that are long-time members.


We know that joining a small group can be tough, especially if you’re coming into a group that’s already been together for a long time. This 8-week commitment allows you to start your small group journey at the same time as others in your group, setting you up for success.

Our hope is that one of two things will happen:

  1. You will love the group you’ve spent the 8-weeks with, and you’ll decide you want to stay together and form an official Impact Group!
  2. You will love your experience, and while the group you were with may not be who you feel you can grow spiritually with long-term, you still want to join an Impact Group. At that point we will help place you in an existing Impact Group.

Currently — no. If enough people absolutely cannot make Wednesday work for an 8-week stint, then we may open a temporary secondary option.

Just like in our normal Impact Groups, we offer a Childcare voucher for meeting with your small group. This reimburses you up to $15 per meeting to help compensate for childcare needs. But hiring and arranging childcare is up to you.