For the past fifteen years, the demand on our high school students to attend Summer School has continued to grow. Where Summer School used to be optional, today it is almost required. This was a growing concern to us so we began to pray, “How can we best serve our high school students?”.

It became very clear to us that a move was necessary. If we wanted as many students as possible to hear The Gospel and to experience Summer Camp, we needed to move away from Summer School dates. This gave us a very short 3-week window to attend camp but when we contacted Hume regarding those weeks, they were completely full. So we continued to pray.

Then, by the grace of God, Hume contacted us after Ponderosa this past year and the exact amount of camper spots we were looking for opened up for Week 9, August 5-11! We are confident God is going to use these new dates to allow more high school students to experience the overwhelming, life-changing love of Jesus Christ.

We acknowledge that this is a big change, and potentially even inconvenient for those of you with multiple kids in different camps. It was not a decision we took lightly. It is our heart, however, for as many high school students as possible to hear the life-changing news of The Gospel. I know I speak on behalf of our entire student ministry team when I say that we are incredibly excited about the possibilities that this change in camp dates can bring.

Love you guys!

Thank you for reading,

Cooper Miller
High School Pastor
The Bridge Bible Church