Student Leadership is for students who want to grow their relationship with God through serving. This commitment requires regular attendance in an Impact Group, Nexus Sunday Nights, The Bridge Big Group gatherings, as well as serving on a Nexus team. Student Leadership is a place to grow, learn, and have fun together.

As a Student Leader, you are committing to a core team of students that help run Nexus. We want to do our best to love you, to lead you, and to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus, as you lead and serve your peers. We do this in the following ways:

– Serve in a specific area approximately twice per month
– Attend monthly Leadership Meetings
– Follow Student Leadership expectations

Student Leadership is broken down into multiple areas of service. We want you to serve in an area that you feel lines up with your strengths. Each area is unique and plays a vital role in the execution of Nexus Sunday nights. Take a look at all of them, pray about them, and make some choices. Please note: Placement in your first area of choice is not guaranteed.


Do you have a heart to help create a space that is unique to Nexus? You will work with a team to set up Nexus each week. Not only will you help with setting up and tearing down, you will meet with your team to creatively brainstorm the best way to configure a space in the Worship Center for Nexus. Should the ping pong table go here? Should foozball be there? You get a say!

You may be great for Setup/Teardown if you…
– Love being in the background
– Are a creative thinker
– Don’t mind lifting and moving things
– Are detail oriented

– Setting up all aspects of Nexus after main service
– Brainstorming and coming up with new ideas for the space
– Recruiting help from friends
– Requesting to replenish or add new pre-service game items


Each week, a team of students works together to lead worship. As part of the worship band, you will use your musical talent to lead others. Worship band includes practicing and learning new songs.

You would be great for the Worship Band if you…
– Have musical skill with a particular instrument
– Have musical skill vocally
– Have a heart for worship

– Playing your respective instrument in the worship band
– Going to practices
– Having a heart for leading others in worship


Up in the tech booth each week, computers are working magic to make our worship team sound good, to make the fun screen games work, and to make sure the lights are on. You would work with a team to make sure these things are being executed well.

You would be great for the Tech Team if you…
– Love computers or tech
– Enjoy being behind the scenes
– Are very observant and a good problem solver

– Ensuring that all slides/sound/lighting aspects are ready to go for Nexus
– Executing slides/sound/lighting as needed
– Creatively set up the Nexus space utilizing lighting/sound/video


You will work with a team to make every person who comes to Nexus feel welcome. On this team, you may be the first interaction someone has at Nexus. Together, you get to welcome and spend time with students to make sure they feel comfortable and get plugged-in at Nexus!

You may be great for the Greeting/First-time Visitor Team if you…
– Love talking to people
– Don’t have a problem having a conversation with others
– Are good at including people
– Enjoy making others feel welcome

– Standing in the foyer before group, welcoming people
– Walking them through the check-in process
– Hanging out with first-time guests for the duration of Nexus (if they came alone)
– Making sure students fill out the first-time visitor survey


You will work with a team to brainstorm and create what we do at Nexus. You will get opportunities to be part of the creative process behind some of our big events and possibly have an opportunity to host on stage.

You would be great for the programming / hosting team if you…
– Enjoy being in front of a group of people
– Get excited about new ideas and fun environments
– Are extremely creative
– Have a finger on the pulse of what your friends love

– Brainstorm new ideas for weekly recreation games / up-front activities
– Emcee various Nexus events
– Be part of the Nexus creative team for events

Student Leadership lasts the duration of a semester; August-December and January-May. At the end of each term, you will have the opportunity to recommit for the next term. At that time, we will also accept new applications.

While we hope this isn’t why you are applying… yes, there are some perks!

1. You will be poured into and mentored by our leadership team.
2. You will participate in fun and unique “leadership only” Nexus events.
3. If you serve for both semesters, you get to go to Wildwood! A week-long discipleship camp in the summer.
4. If you serve for both semesters, you get priority registration to our Dominican Republic Mission Trip in the Spring.