Hello from Jarabacoa!!  What an amazing trip it has been.  We are seeing God move in our students in awe-inspiring ways.  They have developed love of the culture, they have jumped in when tasks were difficult, they have tried new foods, and most importantly they have loved on everyone they have come in contact with.  Here are a few notes from the site teams:


This week we had the privilege of working alongside our site leaders Katie (RN) and Fernando (MD) at the healthcare site.  We treated everything from hypertension to gastritis to mysterious fungal infections.  There are two communities that we traveled to, Beunos Aires and La Jolla specifically, and in both we encountered the generosity and joy of the people.  We also got to do a little translating for appointments.  We may have been observing the physical and spiritual changes in Jarabacoa, but we know that for both of us, this was also a spiritual journey.


This week at the physical therapy site, we had the opportunity to give massages, uses the TENS unit, and work alongside the Dominican site leader to provide care for the community.  When we didn’t have patients, we had lots of time to play with the children in the community.  We played Spot It, futbol, tag, and pato-pato-gonso.  The kids were so cute and sweet! This week has been an amazing experience.


This week we have worked at the women’s social work site, and have met the most amazing women.  Every woman that walked through the door taught us something – even if we couldn’t understand anything they said.  Daisy, our site leader, and her daughters were the most loving women we have ever met.  They showed Christ to every person – young girls, women, and even mischievous little boys.  They showed Christ in even the littlest things.  Daisy’s attention was 100% on anyone that needed it at any time. We enjoyed playing UNO that had no rules and meeting tons of new people, but one of the highlights of the week was planning and attending a Dominican wedding! We really enjoyed our time working at the women’s social work site. The Lord showed us so much this week, and we feel absolutely blessed!


This week has been a super fun and exciting week at the education site at Mata Gorda.  Our site leader’s name was Twyla. She was very helpful with translating!  She was such an encouragement and truly amazing.  Johanna, another leader, runs the preschool and is an incredible woman.  She is a pillar of the community, and anyone can go to “Profe” if they need help.  She was so gracious with us and we will miss her so much!  The kids were super fun to play with and taught us so much about contentment and joy.  We will miss the preschool in Mata Gorda.