We are just wrapping up another awesome day of ministry! This morning, we had the opportunity to kick off our day with a great time of devotions and worship before heading out to our sites. We are going through part of the book of James during our time here, and we are excited to see what God has to teach us through our study.

After returning from our sites, a large group went for a hike. We are in such a beautiful area, and hiking has been such a cool way to explore!

 The hikers

Here are a few site updates from our team members!

We have been blessed to serve on the media team this week! Our job is very exciting because we get to visit every site, and see the ministry happening there. We’ve been very encouraged by our Bridge teammates because we get to see their passion. We’re driven behind the camera in pursuit of genuine expressions, and our team’s hearts make the job easy! The team’s mission is to uncover the light of Jesus in the DR community. It has been an amazing few days learning to integrate our Spanish knowledge, love on kids, and pursue what we are passionate about. We love you guys!
-Lexi & Christian

We are serving at the Young Men’s Social Work team this week! On our site, we mainly work with shoe-shining youth. Our leader- we call him “Jeam”- has a big heart for the kids in this area, and it has been fun to see them using their talents for something constructive. Today, we helped teach an English class to 5 young men. We are also helping assemble hand-made sandals they will use to raise money for the ministry.
-Larry & Dylan

Thankfully when we arrived to our site, the sun was out and it didn’t rain until later in the afternoon (when it rains, not many students show up). We read stories from the Bible and sang a song. For lunch,  we walked a path covered in slick mud to meet a woman with a one-month-old baby, and it was so fun to get to know her a bit. Being in education has been such a blessing. To see kids come wanting to learn about God is so heartwarming. Their faces when they are excited are just priceless. Being in education was well worth the wait!
-J & J

Hey, “Pastor Mo” here (or Morgan), serving in the Appropriate Technology site this week! Appropriate Technology is just a fancy names for building water filters. During our final meeting at The Bridge, I found out I was going to a site where I wouldn’t know anyone- I would be the only Bridge person. So like any person, I was more scared than excited. But now I wouldn’t want it any other way! The people that I work with are a blessing and we get along so well. At our site, we build water filters that will be delivered to houses and other ministry sites. We will even get to deliver a few ourselves in the next few days! Mom, I might just stay here. It’s the exact same weather as Florida, but it’s a much warmer culture!