Hi everyone!

We have been in the Dominican now for two and a half days now and we can’t even believe it! So much has already happened. For the past two days our students have been spread out around Jarabacoa at different ministry sites. These ministry sites are full time ministries that happen day to day that our students get to come along side and partner with.

For the next couple days they will be sharing with you what they are doing and what God has been showing them, so without further ado… here they are!

Matagorda Education Site
Sophia Rodriguez 

At my site we are in a preschool with about fourteen 3-5 year old children. They are all so cute and I am definitely in love with all of them. The language gap hasn’t even been too much of a barrier because of how much fun we have all together playing games. God has been using me to love these children and their teachers that are serving them each day. I’m excited for these new relationships and the impact that Christ is having here.

Health Care
Clarice Carter & Jacob Luter

Hello! My name is Clarice – My site is in healthcare. I get to go out in different communities in Jarabacoa. One of my favorite parts is being able to serve the communities that we visit. I have enjoyed playing with the children and talking to all the different people in the community.

Hi, I’m Jacob and I’m at the healthcare site also. So far, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed traveling into the community discovering all the nooks and crannys. These people have changed my outlook of life without a doubt. For example, there is Rosie, a mom with four kids. She has high blood pressure and lives in a half built house with no walls in the middle of a mosquito breeding ground. Rosie’s kids have two pairs of clothes in total and our site leader Fernando (the full time missionary and an OB/GYN) is giving them medical care.¬†Everyone has been so sweet and grateful for what they have, I can’t wait to meet more in the days to come.

Young Men’s Social Work
Dylan Rogge

I’m Dylan Rogge at the young men’s social work site. We have been ministering to the “shoeshiners” of the DR. Without what we are doing most of these guys would be joining gangs and doing violent things. Our site leader and full time missionary Jim loves these people so much. This week we have been working on giving the guys a chance to work through the making of the shoes. Jim makes them out of tires and teaches the shoeshiners how to do it also, so they have a sustainable income. It’s been so amazing to see their progress and how they are becoming more Gody men. I am looking forward this week to having dinner in the community with someone Jim has been actively involved with for a long time.

That’s all for today guys! More updates to come tomorrow or the next day, God is doing incredible things in these students and it has been a blessing to be apart of it all. I can’t wait for everyone to be able to share with you the stories of the incredible things that God is doing here.

This country is beautiful inside and out. Until next time!

Cooper Miller