Here’s our promise to you: Regardless of where you are with this whole church thing, you are going to love Axis! Each week you will get to hang out with new friends, play some crazy games, and participate in activities that you aren’t able to do anywhere else!


You will definitely recognize some people when you come to Axis for the first time. You may know them from school or that little league baseball team from five years ago. Either way, Axis is a family and if you’re here on a Sunday night, you are part of that family! We can’t wait to meet you!


We want Junior High students across Bakersfield to grow closer to Jesus. Each week, after you’ve had tons of fun and spent some time with your friends, you’ll hear from one of our adult leaders. Our lessons come straight from the Bible to challenge and equip you right where you are.


Sun 27

Axis Car Rally

August 27 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Sep 03

Axis Sunday Nights

September 3 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Sep 10

Axis Sunday Nights

September 10 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Sep 13

Axis Small Group Reveal

September 13 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Sep 17

Axis Wet and Wild Water Night!

September 17 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Sep 24

Axis Sunday Nights

September 24 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Oct 01

Axis Sunday Nights

October 1 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Oct 08

Axis Sunday Nights

October 8 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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Junior High Impact groups are made up of 10-12 students of the same gender that meet weekly during the school year with a caring adult leader. Impact groups are a perfect place for you to form great friendships with other students your age, build relationships with adult leaders, learn more about God, and grow closer to Him.

Each Impact Group will…

  • Keep each other accountable with consistent personal “no group” times
  • Pray for a missionary
  • Encourage participation in XP
  • Use their impact funds to serve the community

Frequently Asked Questions

Impact Groups meet in host homes on various evenings throughout the week. Meeting in homes creates a warm, friendly atmosphere for sharing life together.
Each Impact Group will look different, but a typical night will look something like this: welcome / snacks / hang out / Bible study / discussion / prayer. Being involved in a Impact Group is an awesome opportunity to grow closer to God, and closer to other like minded Jr. High students!
Axis has incredible, screened, and trained adult volunteers who are ready to serve and teach Jr. High students. Our Axis leaders are there to encourage, teach, guide, and help strengthen your walk with Christ. It may turn out to be the most significant relationships of your Jr. High years.
Being part of a Impact Group is a privilege. We expect each Impact Group member to commit to the following:

  • Come to group prepared, equipped with a Bible, a pen, and a good attitude.
  • Respect your Impact Group leader. They are giving you their time because they WANT to minister to you.
  • Respect and be kind to others in your group.
  • Respect your Host Home. Help clean-up your host home at the end of every night.
Impact Group registration takes place during three separate “seasons”. If you are interested in joining an impact group outside of an open registration season, we would typically ask that you wait until the next open registration. However, if a registration season just recently ended and you missed it, please contact

2016/2017 Impact Group Registration Dates:

Fall: August 21st-August 28th
Spring: February 12th-19th

Once you submit the registration form and pay online, you will receive an email confirming that you are registered for Impact Groups. If you are registering for an Impact Group in the fall, we will have a Kick-Off event on September 16th, 2015. At this event, you will meet the rest of your group, your leader, and find out all the details for your group. If you are unable to attend the Kick-Off, this information will be emailed to you.

If you are joining during the winter or spring, your Impact Group info will be emailed to you.


Student LeaderSHIP is for students who want to grow their relationship with God through serving. This commitment requires regular attendance in an Impact Group and Axis Sunday Nights, as well as serving on an Axis team. Student LeaderSHIP is a place to grow, learn and have fun together.
Student LeaderSHIP is for students who are actively involved in the Axis Ministry. If you are normally at the majority of Axis events then fulfilling the Student LeaderSHIP requirements shouldn’t be too difficult.

  • Be involved on Sunday Nights
  • Be involved in an Impact Group
  • Serve Sunday Night at least once a month on your Student LeaderSHIP team
  • Attend monthly Student LeaderSHIP meetings
  • Participate in the XP program
  • Actively participate in “No” group (quiet times)

While we require involvement, we do not require perfection.
If you are looking at the list above and having a hard time believing you can fulfill the requirements, that’s ok. Student LeaderSHIP is not a program for everyone.

Student LeaderSHIP is more than just fulfilling requirements. During your time as a student leader, you will be challenged to grow in your relationship with God, and grow closer as a team, all while having lots of fun.

Please contact if you have any questions about the requirements of Student LeaderSHIP.

Approximately once a month you will be serving on your Student LeaderSHIP team. Each Student LeaderSHIP teams job description differs on the exact tasks you will be asked to do.

When you are scheduled to serve on a Sunday night you are expected to come willing and ready to serve your peers. When scheduled we hope that your mindset will shift from “I’m going to have fun at Axis tonight” to “I am ready to serve others tonight.”

Each team has different expectations and jobs when serving on a Sunday night. If after reading about each team you still have a hard time deciding, we recommend taking this brief survey below! Click “Let’s Play” to begin.

There are three Student LeaderSHIP “seasons” during a school year. At the beginning of each of those seasons applications are accepted, and renewals are accepted for those who have been involved and wish to still be involved.

2016/2017 School Year Application Dates:

Fall: July 31st – August 14th
Spring: February 8th-12th


Ground Control


The Welcome Team is student leaders who love making other students feel welcome on Sunday nights. These leaders are committed to greeting new students, helping them get connected, and making them feel welcome to Axis.



The Tech Team is student leaders who prepare for service by helping with lights, slides and sound.  These leaders love learning and working behind the scenes.  They are committed to coming early and staying late to complete their tasks.



The Worship Band is made up of student leaders using their talents to worship God through music. These leaders sing and/or play instruments (sometimes even the kazoo!).  We welcome everyone’s special talents. The Band meets weekly to practice and learn new music. There is a band application that is separate from Student LeaderSHIP.


Fall: July 31st – August 14th
Spring: February 8th-12th

Click to apply


XP is a memory verse program designed specifically for Junior High students.

XP takes everything we learn at Axis through Sunday nights and Impact Group and brings it all together. Axis believes it is extremely important to hide scripture away in your heart. Which is why XP exists.

Every verse you memorize will go along with what you are learning on Sunday Nights and in Impact Groups!

For each teaching series, Bible verses will be provided that go along with what you are learning on Sunday Nights and in your Impact Groups. On Sunday Nights before Axis, you will have the opportunity to recite your verse to a XP leader. You may recite one verse per week or all at once, but you must complete all verses on or before the last Sunday of the teaching series.
No sign up required. The moment you say your first memory verse, you are added to our list of XP students.
Sundays at 6:15 pm. Each Sunday, XP leaders will be available for you to recite your verses 30 minutes before Axis begins. In the room adjacent to Discovery Field
We hope that the simple knowledge of having God’s Word hidden in your heart is enough motivation to be a part of XP. However, we decided to sweeten the deal even more!

If you memorize all of the XP verses required, you will be joining us for the “XP Winter Retreat”! In January, we’ll go up to Hume Lake and spend the weekend in Gary & Claudia Moore’s private cabin. The Winter Retreat is one of my favorite trips of the year! You will not want to miss it!



We are always looking for people who love Jesus and have a desire to show that love to teenagers. Your time served in Junior High Ministry is fun, meaningful, impactful, and life changing. Not just for the junior high students you will be ministering to, but for you as well.
Our ministry is not based on events but rather the relationships formed through the events. It takes people to reach people. Hopefully, after reading this page you will think to yourself, “Hey, I can do that!”
All of our programs, events and meetings are designed with one principle in mind: Student Ministry is relational. That means that at the core of every student’s ministry experience is a relationship with someone who can mentor, teach and disciple them to grow into a mature believer. Jesus modeled this through a discipling relationship with 12 men who soaked up his ministry along the journey. His plan to save the world was not rooted in teaching the masses from a big stage or amazing people with never-before-seen things. Yes, he did those things, but his plan to offer salvation to all rested on the people with whom he built relationships along the way.


Assist in the various program elements of our large group meeting. From spending quality time with students, run recreation, to helping MC up on stage. To better serve junior high students we need a dynamic team! We are in need of volunteers of all ages, personality types, and walks of life.
Meet weekly with 8-12 students in a home where you will lead a discussion that grows their faith. Small groups are the heart of the Junior High ministry and are always looking for people who love Jesus and care for teenagers.
Maybe you can’t make a weekly commitment right now, that’s ok! We are always looking to build our list of event leaders, we will tap your shoulder as a larger event is coming up that we need some additional man power at!
We are looking to build a team of people who are willing to sacrifice 10-15 minutes before group each week to pray for student ministry at The Bridge. Meetings are planned to take place at 6:15 right after 5:00 service each week.
Apply to be a leader


Gary MooreJunior High Director
Denise Surber
Denise SurberYouth Assistant
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